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If I ever get the rest written AccessWeb will be a suite of several tools:
  • As it is, AccessWeb Lite is a CGI proxy that was written in Perl but has since been rewritten in Python. It acts as a reflection server to outwit Censorware which works on a URL Blocklist basis by allowing anybody to convert their CGI enabled web hosting into a reflection server.  The current version (Serpent Edition 0.0.1) is almost fully functional (Javascript-based links may still break) and even includes the option to encode pages using Base64 to outwit Keyword-based filters. (JavaScript is used to make the browser unscramble the page)
  • The plans for the rest of the AccessWeb suite are currently vaporware but the idea is:
    • Accessweb DS will be a dedicated server that can reflect any data to a specific source byte by byte.
    • Accessweb CS will be a Client/Server solution by which the client is configured to connect to a server and is given a destination. The software you want to use then connects through the client which tunnels the data to the server. From the server, the data travels a normal path to the intended destination.
    • My original idea was to write these programs in C++ using wxWidgets (allows for cross-platform C++ code) because it would allow for fast code. However, I found C++ too much work for the result and changed my target to Java. I recently settled on Python because it's cross platform, VERY easy to work with, and has all the features I need.

All AccessWeb code uses the following versioning system:
0.0.1 denotes the first release of the code
0.1.0 denotes the first release in which the main feature functions perfectly in all tested situations.
1.0.0 denotes the first release in which all intended features are present and fully functional.

NOTE: There may be restrictions on the usage of these programs at your place of education/work/residence. Use this software at your own risk.

Downloads and news can be viewed on the project page.

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